Remote Learning Lesson Plans: Neighborhoods & Nature


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Five proficiency-based, interactive plans with overarching ideas to provide structure in a remote learning.

This set centralizes around parks! Students get outside and move, explore National Parks, parks internationally, and produce their own creative work.

Students will:

  • Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt.
  • Analyze parks and playgrounds in their area.
  • Participate in a virtual tour of a National Park.
  • Create a National Park Poster.

These flexible plans include:

  • 5 lessons: 2 synchronous & 3 asynchronous
  • Daily goal connected to the ACTFL can do statements
  • Prompts, questions, and practical activities at the novice level
  • Tips to keep students engaged through OWL’s PPATH structure
  • Social Emotional Learning activities to stay connected to the whole child.
  • Reflection, debrief, and roadmap of learning pages to track classroom progress.
  • Continued learning for the teacher on equity & social justice and OWL methods

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Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Differentiated