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Featured Sites

The schools and teachers featured here are recognized for their exceptional programs or work with OWL. These are sites that we recommend visiting based on their strong evidence of OWL values. OWL is based on relationships and collaboration and could not be what it is today without the support, interest and dedication of hundreds of teachers and students across the nation. We are deeply indebted to everyone who has been a part of this journey and for all of the support, interest and dedication to all aspects of the evolution of OWL.

Crater High School and Central Point School District:

Thank you to the administration, Bob King and District Office, especially Samantha Steele, for your unwavering support of transformative education. Thanks to you this idea became a reality and will impact education on an international level. We are eternally grateful and appreciative. Deep gratitude also to the original cohort of teachers who were willing to be risk-takers who were open, curious and humble and who set the example of admirable qualities that make up the OWL community’s values and goals.

Lincoln High School, Tacoma, WA:

Hannah Pratt from Lincoln was the first teacher to implement OWL outside of the original cohort. After having seen a presentation at a CES conference, Hannah took the plunge the following day! Her courage and grit is an example to follow. Hannah has now grown the program, which is so impressive that the local college now sends student teachers to see the community that Hannah has created.

SITES, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH:

SITES Director Kim Faber saw ten minutes of OWL at an ACTFL presentation and the rest is history! Kim and OWL began a relationship immediately, and since that first day OWL has been working with college students twice a year to teach elementary age children. SITES has contributed significantly to the future of teaching, with many of the students going on to teach in countries around the world! It is exciting to see this relationship and the program continue to grow and thrive!

Glencoe High School, Hillsboro, OR:

Ricardo Linnell was also one of the original teachers to implement. He jumped in with both feet with only two weeks of school left! Ricardo strongly believes in passing along the concepts of proficiency and has opened his classroom doors to several student teachers, who have now created student-driven spaces in their own classrooms. Working in partnership with Portland State University, Ricardo is a guest speaker in their Methods course to talk about topics that are relevant to new teachers in today’s educational landscape, particularly where it pertains to the world language classroom. He has contributed to much of the development and is always excited to have a conversation with anyone about OWL!

Francis Parker Essential School, Devens, MA:

Ruth Whalen-Crockett was first introduced to OWL at a CES Conference in Rhode Island. The invitation was extended to OWL to begin working with the school and since then, Parker has established a comprehensive school wide OWL program form 7th-12th grade. The desire to transform their practice throughout their entire department has been inspiring and Ruth’s personal commitment to the process of department implementation is extraordinary.