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Programs Analysis

Site Specific Consultation: Created with the school/program and consultant, it is set up to meet the specific needs of the institution. Can include observation of classes, teaching of classes, development of curriculum and scope & sequence, and creating lesson plans and assessments.

Program Analysis (Observation & Feedback: 1-4 days)Designed to provide specific consultation on how to implement OWL with an already existing program. Can consist of any combination of the below options and your choice of days. The goal is to work in collaboration with the teachers and district. OWL is there as a facilitator to assist in fulfilling the goals and needs of the program, through the lens of proficiency and student engagement.


  • Work with teachers to establish solid objectives and goals
  • Provide observation and feedback as requested
  • OWL Consultant is available to teach sample lesson/s with (a) class/es
  • Setting up Action Steps & Goal Setting
  • Working with teachers to set up appropriate and effective systems, unique to their student culture and school expectations
  • Providing resources as requested
  • Follow-up

Possible Goals:

  • Develop a strong student-centered curriculum
  • Techniques on how to create a strong community with high student engagement based on a 100% second language environment
  • Formative assessment strategies to provide feedback to the student
  • Scope and Sequence within a program
  • Create confidence in the teacher to succeed in a proficiency-based classroom


By language level:

  • Beginning level focus
  • Intermediate focus
  • Advanced focus
  • Native Speaker focus

By age level:

  • Newborn-Kindergarten & Elementary
  • Middle School
  • College
  • Adult
Contact us at [email protected] or 541-690-8038 Fill out the Services Request.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1:

Conversations with teachers, students and principals about the goals of the program. OWL consultant observes classes of hosting teachers, based off of the conversations. Solid program goals are outlined and established. Can also include a parent evening, with demonstrations and a Q&A section.

Day 2:

Through reflection based on observations and current program goals, consultant works collaboratively with teachers for effective program implementation across a department. Can include practice of the strategies and techniques, how to incorporate reading & writing, and/or specific assessment & grading needs within the school structure and program.Address the application of rigor and relevance in lesson plans

Day 3:

OWL consultant observes classes with the specific areas and concepts in mind. OWL consultant is available to model with classes, if requested.

Day 4:

Debrief and feedback of implementation of concepts. Discuss next steps for the department or program and set up effective Support and Resource Systems.Email us at [email protected] to set-up a customized experience for you and/or your program. We want your experience with OWL to be the best that it can be, so let’s get started!To register for an upcoming Workshop, please click HERE