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OWL MasterClass

We are excited to bring back our OWL MasterClass for the second consecutive year! This is for teachers who are wanting to further understand and implement the elements of OWL. Founder of OWL, Darcy Rogers, will be facilitating this monthly session and taking you deeper into OWL values, concepts and implementation. You will have the opportunity to meet together in a small group setting, ask the questions you want and delve into OWL concepts and strategies. This is a rigorous session that will push you to new levels of practice and understandings, invite new perspectives and continue to grow your professional knowledge and skill set.


Based on over ten years of commonly asked questions and patterns in implementation, high leverage themes have been selected for inclusion in the MasterClass. In true OWL style, you will have a say in how this is developed. A survey will be sent out prior to the training requesting your highest priority items you want to see throughout the year. Below are some areas of interest that can be explored. You will have the opportunity to fill in your own goals and objectives, and the themes for each session will be presented in the first MasterClass session.

  • P.P.A.T.H.
  • Curriculum Triangle
  • Organic Road Map
  • Topic Web
  • N.E.S.T. Feedback Protocol
  • Questioning Strategies
  • 10-15-5
  • Differentiation
  • SEL
  • SLA
  • Literacy

What’s included:

  • Access to the Mighty Network secure platform, where the MasterClass team will build relationships and strengthen our small group community. Be prepared to give and receive feedback, receive insights into new strategies and share lots of great ideas!
  • NINE live sessions with your MasterClass team
  • Resources, handouts, and collaborative notes
  • Additional, supplemental educational references, articles and materials that will broaden your understanding of SLA, SEL, neuroscience research, proficiency, engagement and more
  • Recordings of each session
  • One individual, hour long 1-1 session for each participating teacher at a time mutually chosen by the facilitator and the teacher
  • One free differentiated lesson plan of your choice
  • The support of a dedicated group of teachers who are wanting to go take that extra step in their teaching and learning journey!


  • Each session is one hour long
  • Hours: 4pm PST – 5pm PST / 5pm – 6pm MST / 6pm – 7pm CST / 7pm – 8pm EST
  • Dates:
    • 2023: 1x a month September, October, November, December – Dates TBA
    • IMPORTANT: Registrants will be contacted after September 5 to set up our initial September session.
    • 2024: 1x a month January, February, March, April, May 1, June 6

Additional Supports: 

  • With the training, you will receive one complimentary 1-1 session. If you would like more 1-1 support, you can sign up for additional hours of Customized Online Implementation
  • Take a look at our Upcoming Events to see where we will be in person and to see what additional virtual sessions may supplement your experience
  • Save the Date Bootcamp! West Coast Bootcamp June 24-28 / East Coast Bootcamp TBA. Hands-down the most comprehensive, transformative experience and an incredible way to apply your MasterClass experience
  • Resources! You can choose to enhance your experience by purchasing additional Resource supports.
    • Resource Bundle: PPATH Interactive Resource, Literacy Organizer, Pairings & Groupings
    • SuperStarter Kit: ALL the current Resources as of 10/26/22 – PPATH Interactive Resource, Literacy Organizer, Pairings & Groupings, Planner, Question Starter Cards, Circumlocution Phrases, Rubrics Package
    • Lesson Plans – over 25 topics that you can immediately adapt and implement in class

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need social media accounts to participate?

  • No! We’re using a Zoom and Mighty Network platform and shared documents that allows you to engage with fellow participants without the distraction of a feed.

If I live internationally, can I participate?

  • Yes! You will be charged additional for shipping of any resource materials, if applicable. With questions, reach out to [email protected].

If I cannot attend a live session, will I be able to experience the Sessions?

  • The sessions are all recorded and housed in our Mighty Network platform, where you will have access to all recordings and resources. 
Details Price Qty
OWL MasterClass - Pay by Credit Card $515.00 USD  
OWL MasterClass- Save 3% Pay by Check or PO $500.00 USD  
OWL MasterClass with Resource Bundle - Pay by Credit Card $592.25 USD  
OWL MasterClass with Resource Bundle - Save 3% Pay by Check or PO $575.00 USD  
OWL MasterClass with SuperStarter Kit - Pay by Credit Card $695.25 USD  
OWL MasterClass with SuperStarter Kit - Pay by Credit Card $675.00 USD  

  •  June 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024
     4:00 PM - 5:00 PM



Live Webinars:
OWL hosts live webinars daily using Zoom as our platform. Zoom can be accessed on a computer or mobile app so you may access wherever you may be!

A welcome email with a Zoom link for your specific event will be sent to you within 24 hours of the live event.

Can’t make a live webinar? OWL will be recording all sessions, and will be available 24 hours post session on the Mighty Network.

Questions on Zoom? Connect with us at (541) 690-8038‬ for additional help!


Community-based engagement:
OWL uses private, social community called Mighty Networks for between session collaboration. This network works both on a computer and via mobile app.

A welcome email with a link to OWL’s private, social will be sent to you within 24 hours of the live event.

Questions on how to set up? Connect with us at (857)-293-1706 for additional help!