Rubrics Resource Download



This product provides you with 6 different rubrics for your classroom. Each proficiency-based rubric is designed to be a guide for students on their language acquisition journey. Both peers and the teacher are able to use the rubrics for effective and consistent feedback for learners.

This resource embodies the Prompts and Questions and Accountability elements of the PPATH classroom structure. Within the resource you will find:

  • The PPATH Structure breakdown and explanation
  • OWL Values and why they are important for the classroom
  • 6 OWL Classroom Goals
  • ACTFL Level Descriptors
  • 6 unique rubrics designed exclusively for the proficiency-based, student-directed classroom

Rubric 1: NL-IM Individual Task Rubric – This rubric is versatile, as it can be used both by the teacher as well as by students, to assess themselves or one another. These can be used daily for routine activities, or as a formative assessment. This is for Novice Low (NL) to Intermediate Mid (MD).

Rubric 2: NM-AL Individual Task Rubric – This rubric is similar to Rubric 1, yet is adapted for Novice Mid (NM) to Advanced Low (AL). This allows for differentiation, either in multiple levels taught, or multiple language levels in the same course.

Rubric 3: Task Performance Data Sheet – This rubric is a multi-use rubric. This rubric can be used to track demonstration of growth overall, as well as tracking function and text type over a variety of themes. This information can be shared with students both as a global growth marker and as an individual grade indicator.

Rubric 4: Proficiency Rubric – This rubric is a tool to be used for long-term measurement and demonstration of growth. It is most effective when used at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the school year, however, it can be used quarterly or for summative assessments.

Rubric 5: Student Skills Rubric – This rubric is intended for both student and teacher to evaluate developing skills including OWL Student Goals, Social and Emotional Learning, and language skills. It is an effective tool to share with parents and guardians as well, to communicate progress toward a global, whole child development of the student. This rubric can be used weekly, monthly, or quarterly as needed, and works well in both point system grading or standards-based grading.

Rubric 6: Teacher Reflection Rubric – This rubric is a reflection and goal-setting tool for the teacher. It is designed to be a guide to advance your proficiency journey toward a student-directed classroom. The rubric begins with presenting non proficiency-based practices, then progresses to highlight proficiency-based and student-directed practices along the continuum.