OWL Resource Bundle




Can’t just pick one of our teacher approved resources? Get them all!

1. PPATH Interactive Resource

 When thinking about your classroom structure and practical application of student-directed, proficiency-based strategies, it is a fine balance of marrying theory to daily practice. This resource is intended to provide a roadmap to guide you through creating a framework for class that is consistent, flexible and student-directed. Classrooms across the world have been transformed into highly engaging spaces where students feel intrinsically motivated. The ideas contained in this resource are valuable for all levels and all languages.

2. Pairings & Groupings Cards

Ever noticed that your students are always pairing themselves with the same people? These cards will help alleviate that! The packet contains 36 cards with 6 different ways to combine your class: shapes, colors, numbers, animals, food, and clothing. Students will never work with the same people again!

3. Literacy Organizer

The literacy organizer helps students facilitate negotiation of meaning when they hit language breakdown. It can serve as a support and scaffold that helps the students stay in the target language in a meaningful way, which helps them express ideas on the topics that come up in class.