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Welcome to Our Blog!

By May 1, 2017 News

Welcome to the Organic World Language blog! We are very excited to provide a space for collaboration, learning and sharing. This space will focus on the two main concepts of OWL: proficiency and student-directed learning. Within that fall other concepts that OWL is known for, such as the kinesthetic learning space, which is embodied through the alternative physical space of lack of desks and a circle structure. Based on neuroscience, these strategies promote student interaction, use of target language and building community. Embedded in this are the 6 Goals, which are powerful intentions that bring about a strong sense of family and working together.

The 6 Goals of the OWL Methodology:

  • To use the target language 100% of the time
  • To not be afraid of a second language environment
  • Take risks and break down the filter (make mistakes!)
  • To be able to infer and circumlocute
  • To participate & be part of a community
  • To foster intrinsic motivation & student ownership

The OWL classroom is a space where the integration of 21st century skills, social and emotional learning and best practices all come together. The main purpose of OWL is not only to teach a language or a subject, but to grow a person and develop a contributing member of society who is empathetic, compassionate and self reflective. Through social justice themes, students become aware of themselves and the world around them.

The strategies and techniques are built on creating a meaningful classroom in the target language, where students are motivated to use the language and build relationships with those around them. Specific prompts and questions target students’ language level and gently push them to higher levels of language use, through integration of authentic literacy. These strategies and techniques will be showcased throughout the blog.

Expect to see guest teachers share their thoughts and learning experiences in the classroom. This space is intended to be a conversation to facilitate the continuation of the journey towards a truly student-driven environment.

We hope this space will inspire you to continue to create the learning space that you want for your students, where both you and them bring your authentic selves to the table and interact in relevant ways. Welcome and enjoy!