October Message

By October 1, 2020 News

Hello, ¡Hola!, Bonjour, Ahlan, Nín Hăo, Guten Tag!

It’s October! 🍂 and we’ve made it through the first weeks of school. Although the level of uncertainty of stress has not lowered, we are feeling energized by the community we have been able to hear about and witness in your classrooms thus far. Kudos to all of you for taking the first steps to find authentic connections with your students despite the barriers of the screen, the mask, or the guidelines.

This month at OWL, we are focusing on the million dollar question that everyone is asking: how can we engage our students this year when 

  • They won’t turn on their cameras.
  • They can’t move from their desks.
  • When they can’t be closer than six feet.
  • When their worlds outside of the classroom are more uncertain than the classroom itself.

We’ll be providing support on our social media pages (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram) through quotes, collaborative prompts, and tips and tricks to to engage your kiddos.

On our website, we’ll be sharing weekly blogs written by teachers in the OWL community who are using their creativity within their school’s limits, we’ve got OWL lesson plans with engaging activities with prompts at each ACTFL level, and additional resources to get your kids engaged in whichever instructional model you’re using.

We also are featuring trainings this month infused in engagement! We have day long, two-hour, or one hour trainings. Pick what works best for your schedule and needs. 

Share with us! How are you engaging your kids this year? What is working for you? What makes your students smile, laugh, tune in?