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January Message

By January 5, 2021News

Happy 2021!


We made it! Congratulations on your persevering efforts in this journey through one of the most trying years that any of us have ever experienced. 2020 was rough; and has left many of us feeling weary, lacking energy, and uncertain of which steps to take next. The poet, Oscar Wilde, wrote: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” This quote has resonated with me as we transition into 2021. While so far this New Year has been a continuation of 2020, we can make the choice to change our perspective on what we are looking at this year. 


This month, OWL is focusing on the ‘stars’ that can be seen through so many small victories. Rather than create new goals; let’s focus on the right here and now, celebrating what we can do. Acknowledging and honoring the small wins each day can lead the way to positive change over time. Perhaps today your small victory is making it to school on time, or you took a 15 minute break just for you. Maybe a small victory is that 5 students turned on their cameras today, or 50% of your students turned in the assignment on time (because they too, are doing the best they can). We can choose to see the stars from wherever we are.


As we focus on the intention of recognizing small victories, use these guiding questions to center your thoughts:

  • How can I release or reduce the pain and stress I am carrying from 2020?
  • How can I use more positive speech in my day?
  • How can I change my perspective from not enough to acceptance of what I can do/be?
  • How can I celebrate the small victories my students are demonstrating in the classroom?
  • How can I show up for myself and my students with love and kindness?


Although you may be feeling that you cannot take on one more thing this month, know that OWL is here every step of the way supporting you and your classrooms. We have so many offerings for you to choose from: from a deep dive with Virtual Symposium, or a dip of your toe with Idea Share, an OWL training can provide you the needed energy, and camaraderie, to continue.