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December Message

By December 1, 2020December 2nd, 2020News

Can you believe the end of 2020 is in sight?! We’re almost there!

A benchmark of the end of the year is time for reflection and celebration. This past year deserves more of that than ever before. This December, OWL is choosing to spend the last 31 days of 2020 reflecting, celebrating, and spreading JOY! This year has been full of so much extraordinary, both good and bad, that it is time to exhale and commemorate joyfully. And surely we can all agree that there can never be enough joy in the world. 

Joy is one of the truest and most authentic emotions. Although very often confused with happiness, joy is an emotion that is cultivated purely from the intrinsic peace of who, why, how, and where we are. This year has afforded us the gift of time to truly get to know ourselves as teachers, to decide what is most important in our classrooms, and to cultivate joyful experiences for our students in so many modes. Joy does not come without hardship–we’ve all experienced some of that this year–but joy shows us the path to simply loving and accepting, which is what we all truly need right now. 

You have cultivated your own joy in this most unusual year.  As you begin to reflect and celebrate in the final days of 2020, use these questions as a guide:

  • What did I learn this year? Share a moment of joy from this experience. 
  • What was a small moment in class that made me smile?
  • What has been added to my life during this pandemic that has brought me unexpected joy?
  • How did I enjoy spending time on my own? How did I enjoy spending time with others?
  • What part of this pandemic experience has been more positive than I originally thought?
  • What was one way I grew this year that deserves celebration?

This has been a truly joyful year for OWL. Through the shutdown that came from the pandemic, we have been able to grow in ways that, as a small yet mighty organization, we had never found the time to carve out before. We are currently celebrating the release of 12 new sets of lesson plans! The plans are infused with SEL strategies (always important though even more essential now), ACTFL leveled prompts and questions, and OWL best practices. Best of all, we’re currently having a celebration sale! Use the coupon code GRATEFUL at checkout to receive 10% your ENTIRE ORDER! 

We’re also joyful about all of our 2021 offerings that can be found on the OWL Events page! There truly is something for everyone. Whether you’re time constrained, on a budget, or looking for it all, we’re ready to support you in the new year.  Our Virtual Symposium, a soup to nuts virtual professional development experience, is also on sale right now! We’ve discounted our price until Thursday. Don’t miss out! 

Our truest joy comes from celebrating with you, all that is possible with OWL! Like many small organizations, we were unsure how we would be able to overcome the plight of COVID-19. You have supported us, guided our growth, and shared your needs, providing us an opportunity to help and support you in return. We cannot express enough how overwhelmingly grateful we are for this awe inspiring community. You all are the heartbeat of this organization, and we relish in celebrating every moment of joy with you. Have a peaceful and joyful December!