Carolina Lemus-Fabry

Carolina Lemus-Fabry is a language teacher who has taught both in the United States and Internationally. She has been in the education field for 9 years, as an ESL, Kindergarten and Spanish teacher. Currently, she is the K-2 Instructor in an IB School in Monterey CA, where she also serves as a team leader for the Spanish language program.


Pursuing her passion for inspiring students to love learning another language, Carolina discovered OWL at a workshop in 2015 and immediately recognized the need of applying the methodology in her classroom and the Language Department. She realized that using OWL has changed not only the proficiency level of her students but also has created an innovative, interactive classroom space that makes her K-2 students feel safe and comfortable learning another language. As chair of the ISM Spanish program, she has led her department to make a radical change in the way they teach second language acquisition.


Carolina was born in Guatemala City and grew up learning English as a second language. She was exposed to many different programs, methods and curriculums that indeed helped her learn the basics, but it wasn’t until she was completely immersed in the language that she fully became a successful speaker. As a result of her own experienced learning a second language, she strongly believes that using OWL provides the perfect opportunity for teachers to guide students discover the real use of a second language. Carolina combines her personal experience as a learner and teacher to provide a full immersion instruction in the classroom. She uses strategies that quickly engage students, builds relationships and give students ownership.


With a global mindset, teaching expertise, and energetic personally, Carolina serves as a mentor to encourage teachers to develop new insights into the OWL program and their own pedagogy. She is committed to supporting the teaching community by providing high-quality, innovative ideas and strategies to help new, experienced school leaders and educators understand, support and successfully deliver the OWL program.