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South Dakota World Language Association Conference: Introduction to Proficiency and Engagement Strategies

How do we create student-centered environments where learners are directing their own learning? We know that a student-driven curriculum allows for student empowerment, buy-in and ownership. The question is, how? This workshop will collaboratively and interactively explore the strategies and techniques that will move any teacher’s practice towards more student engagement, peer-driven feedback and learner reflection. Success in a student-driven environment occurs when language learning and teaching are interchangeable. When teachers become learners, and their students, teachers, classrooms can be transformed in to powerful spaces for language ownership. A common fear is that when students are given freedom to guide, important content is missed. However, empowering students results in a more meaningful, relevant experience for both the student and teacher. This workshop will directly address how to make the learning richer and deeper, as students are driving the curriculum. One important focus of the symposium will be to create structures that allow learners to set their own goals and reflect on them throughout the year. Aligning articulation and assessments with proficiency allows students to know the true purpose of what they are doing. By combining a proficiency based articulation and an immersive language environment, students are intrinsically motivated to move forward up the proficiency scale, which in turn leads to a student-driven experience. The workshop applies to novice, intermediate and advanced classrooms.

  • October 20, 2018
    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM



12703 Outlaw Ranch Rd, Custer, South Dakota, 57730