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OWL: Foundations Half Day Training- Chelmsford, MA

This is the first of a two part workshop. Part two can be found here.

This workshop explores the foundational understandings of proficiency and second language acquisition. The training will reveal a structure that creates an interactive, student-directed classroom. Participants experience the strategies through demos with students, when possible, and in whole and small groups. The focus is on an immersive, target language environment where students are highly engaged and intrinsically motivated. Teachers leave with new techniques and relationships for continued collaboration!


Workshop outcomes:

  • Proficiency foundation
  • Techniques for high student engagement
  • Second language acquisition foundation
  • Exploration of the 100% second language environment
  • Strategies for eliciting student production
  • Introduction to the PPATH structure
  • Novice and Intermediate demos



  • December 4, 2019
    11:30 AM - 2:00 PM



Chelmsford High School, 200 Richardson Road, Chelmsford, MA, 01863, UNITED STATES