East Coast Bootcamp 2023

SAVE THE DATE for East Coast Bootcamp July 31-August 5, 2023! Join this unforgettable professional development experience where teachers learn to fully implement an immersive, student-directed classroom. The five day experience focuses on the whole teacher through Social and Emotional Learning practices, experiential learning of OWL methods and strategies, and implementation of target language, multiliteracies, and community in the classroom.  This signature OWL event creates a confident, whole-hearted teacher who is ready to dive into an authentic and immersive environment with their students.

Bootcamp connects teachers from all different backgrounds and range of experiences. The week itself is structured as an OWL classroom and the opportunities for relationship-building throughout the week take you to a higher level of collaboration and connection with colleagues. Participants receive multiple layers of support: a one-on-one accountability partner, regional, national, and international support systems. It truly is a camp experience: one where you won’t want to leave at the end!

To ensure all participants health and safety during this opportunity, OWL will be following all recommended CDC guidelines. As guidelines change, OWL will keep all participants up to date with safety protocols.

The location will be announced soon, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Daily Schedule

Morning Session: 9am-12:00pm EST

  • The morning session includes: Whole Teacher Session (Implementation of Adult SEL), Live demos, and a strategies session.

Lunch: 12:00pm-1:30pm EST

  • Due to COVID restrictions, lunch will be on your own this year.

Afternoon Session: 1:30pm-4:00pm EST

  • The afternoon session will include OWL Strategies sessions at implementation level and a large group share out.

Personalized to your Experience

The week is personalized and scaffolded to fit goals at various levels. There are level-specific strands, based on participants previous experience with proficiency and the methodology. Due to this unique nature of Bootcamp teachers can participate annually, and experience a different training each time.

Green Strand

Designed for teachers new to OWL. Whether proficiency is new to you or you have been teaching with proficiency for many years, this strand allows you to explore and examine your current practice, while diving in to proficiency-based, student-directed OWL strategies. Teachers will leave with new techniques and ideas for high student engagement and the ability to create a positive immersive space for language acquisition.

Blue Strand 

This strand is designed for participants who want to develop systems to support proficiency-based learning. Through further exploration of the strategies & techniques introduced in prior OWL trainings, we go deeper into how to create a space for acquisition.

Orange Strand 

Designed for the teacher who is seeking collegiality and support systems, this strand encourages reflection of practice and collaboration of ideas. By discussing the elements of proficiency-based practice, participants utilize effective teacher discourse to move forward in their practice. 

To Further Enhance Your Experience

  • Participants may take advantage of half hour one-on-one consultations with a member of the OWL facilitation team at an additional $40 per session. Topics can include: school specific dilemmas and challenges, feedback of a previously recorded classroom session, question and answer, and much more!
  • Participants can purchase additional OWL resources to further aid in your implementation of a proficiency-based classroom at a discounted rate
  • College Credit: There are optional post graduate credits through Southern Oregon University. $70 fee per unit plus a one time $30 processing fee. Can receive up to 3 credits for the week. (Totals: $100 for 1 credit, $170 for 2 credits, $240 for 3 credits). Teachers pay with a check or money order in person and course requirements will be distributed at the time of Bootcamp.


Travel Information 

Airports: TBA!


Many participants choose to stay in an Airbnb, or more information soon on location!

The location will be announced soon, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Please contact info@organicworldlanguage.com with questions on lodging, transportation or any other questions. We are excited to have you and want to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Bootcamp Venue:

The location will be announced soon, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Activities: TBA

Tier Pricing 

Pricing is based on a per Tier registration. The earlier you register, the lower the price. The dates for each Tier are listed when you register.

Cancellation Policy

Prior to April 4– 75% back
May 5 – June 2– 50% back
June 2 – July 2 -25% back
On or After After July 2 – No Refund

Details Price Qty
Early Bird Bootcamp- Pay by Credit Card $669.50 (USD)  
Early Bird Bootcamp- Save 3% by Check or Purchase Order $650.00 (USD)  
Tier 1 Bootcamp- Pay by Credit Card $721.00 (USD)  
Tier 1 Bootcamp- Save 3% by Check or Purchase Order $700.00 (USD)  
Tier 2 Bootcamp- Pay by Credit Card $772.50 (USD)  
Tier 2 Bootcamp- Save 3% by Check or Purchase Order $750.00 (USD)  
Tier 3 Bootcamp- Pay by Credit Card $824.00 (USD)  
Tier 3 Bootcamp- Save 3% by Check or Purchase Order $800.00 (USD)  
1-1 Consultation Bootcamp Special- Pay by Credit Card $41.20 (USD)  
1-1 Consultation Bootcamp Special- Save 3% Pay by Check or Purchase Order $40.00 (USD)  

  • July 31, 2023 - August 4, 2023
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM