Workshop Registration

Find the workshop you are looking to register for below! Please use the same email to register for workshops as you did to sign up for your website account. This helps us to better inform and customize your OWL experience. If you have not already created an account on the website, create one using the link in the main menu. There is no surcharge for checks or money orders.

Cancellation Policy:

  • One month or more prior to the workshop: full refund
  • Less than one month up to one week prior to the workshop: 75% refund
  • Less than one week prior to the workshop: 50% refund
  • No show to the workshop: no refund.
  • With any cancellation there is the option of applying the registration fee to a future workshop in lieu of a refund.

Discover the Light: Finding your Teaching Happiness

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‘When Edison was discovering the lightbulb, he first engaged in a process of envisioning how an unseeable current of energy could be harnessed and turned into light. Like most of…

May Message from OWL

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Although you all deserve much more than just a week to be recognized, we wanted to thank you all for all that you do for your…

April Message

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Happy April! Yes, jumping ahead a little bit 😉. March is without a doubt the craziest classroom month, and there’s so much to be excited for when April comes. Spring…

Assessing for Language Growth at the Novice and Intermediate Level

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In a student-directed,  proficiency-based classroom we see daily growth in our students, yet it is increasingly difficult to put that growth into a grade that appeases our school’s guidelines. Here…