We are excited to offer dynamic on-line PD options. Check out the options below and see if there is one that most interests you. Click on the links to register or contact info@organicworldlanguage.com to set one of your own up! 

Hourly Consultations 

DescriptionIntended for teachers who are wanting one-on-one consultation, follow-up, support or just Q&A, this option is individualized and geared towards the needs of the teacher. This is very flexible and can be arranged around the schedule of the teacher. Click on this link for Registration information, or contact info@organicworldlanguage.com. Look forward to chatting soon!

Price: $50 per hour



Small group On-line 

Description: Small group opportunity to get more individualized attention around the areas that you, or your colleagues, would like feedback on.

Group Size: The groups are limited to 3 participants.

Time Zone: All times are set for PST.

Information: Check out the Registration page to click on one of the pre-planned sessions, or contact info@organicworldlanguage.com to set your own up. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with information on how to get connected for the meeting. We will also ask you if you would like to focus on one of the topics below, or have more of a Q&A type format.

Topics: You can either choose the topic, or choose from our list of topics: Literacy, Intermediate Circle Activities, Novice Circle Activities, Assessments, Staying in the Target Language, Building Community, Developing Students as Curriculum, Developing vocabulary lists, Eliciting and Recycling Vocabulary, SLA Theory, Research, Questions Sequences, Threads & Progressions, Lesson Planning, ‘Running the Circle’: Incorporating Transitions & Movement, New to OWL Q&A

Price: $30 per participant