Host an OWL Workshop at your School!

Join the transformative experience of a dynamic, high-energy workshop where concepts are applied through interactive, hands-on activities and collaborations

Thank you for your interest in hosting an OWL Workshop! Our purpose is to create a sustainable professional development partnership with you and your program to provide support as you continue your journey towards best practices.

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OWL workshops reflect the values of student-centered classrooms and high engagement. Our techniques and strategies empower students to guide their learning and become active participants and leaders. By building community in a proficiency-based environment, students move forward in their language as teachers create spaces for acquisition. We explore the vital role that literacy plays in language development as students learn to interact with both their peers and the text.

mas students!We prefer hosting workshops at schools in order to work directly with students and provide two different demos – one at the novice level, and the other at the intermediate level. Teachers see the strategies in action with students who are new to them, allowing for more in-depth collaboration about and understanding of the techniques.



  • The hosting school will provide a space to accommodate about 20 people.
  • The hosting school incurs travel and lodging expenses.
  • OWL covers the consultant’s food expenses.
  • If 20 or more attendees register for the workshop, OWL will cover travel and lodging expenses.
  • OWL and the hosting school will work together to promote the workshop in the surrounding area (unless the workshop is a closed event).

 Registration Information:

  • The registration fee is waived for the hosting teacher who works with an OWL Consultant to organize the workshop.
  • The fee for the two-day workshop is $300 per participant.
  • Participants will receive 12-16 hours of PD credit, depending on workshop hours.
  • Participants will have the option of receiving one college credit through Southern Oregon University to be applied towards re-licensure for an additional cost of $70 dollars.
  • OWL will take of all registration information through a link on the website, where participants can register and pay. Participants can pay through PayPal, PO or check.

We thank you for wanting to transform language education and put the focus on our students’ learning. We look forward to working with you, your school and your students!

If you are interested in a specific training with just your school or department, please visit either our Program Analysis page or our Department or District Implementation page.

Contact information: Please contact or call 541.690.8038 to set up a workshop or inquire about specific options.