Remote Learning Lesson Plans- Teacher Subscription Package


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Looking for resources as we continue on this new teaching and learning journey in remote learning? OWL is here to support your classroom with a monthly subscription of five proficiency-based, interactive plans sent weekly to your inbox.

These flexible plans include: a daily goal connected to the ACTFL can do statements, prompts, questions, and practical activities at the level you desire, with tips to keep students engaged through OWL’s PPATH structure, and Social Emotional Learning activities to stay connected to the whole child.  Adapt and combine these plans as needed to create responsive content.

Month 1 Includes:

  • Week 1 Introduces the virtual learning community to our students by using different topics to celebrate what they know and create a comfort in the new classroom.
  • Week 2 centralizes around parks! Students get outside and move, explore National Parks, parks internationally, and produce their own creative work.
  • Week 3 plays around with music! Students explore concerts, musical instruments, and the cultural impact of music on our world.
  • Week 4 creates a time capsule with our students. They will reflect on their communities, classmates, and their own experiences through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Month 2  Includes:

  • Week 5  focuses on the idea of care during our Stay at Home experience. We focus on self care, care for our neighbors, as well as care for our larger communities.
  • Week 6 * dives into media. We look at visual media, print, and online streaming of our Stay at Home order.
  • Week 7   explores art on the classical, street, and fashion genre as it relates to COVID-19.
  • Week 8 gets our imaginations flowing with bucket lists! What can we look forward to once we can emerge from our Stay at Home orders?

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