Virtual Learning and Hybrid & Socially Distanced Learning: An OWL Online PD Series

As the new year is approaching with so many unknowns and the anxiety that may bring, OWL is here to provide support, ideas, tangible strategies, positivity and examples of joyful learning. Each session in the Series is focused on one essential element of teaching virtually or in a hybrid and socially distanced model. There are two Series to adapt to your needs. If you are teaching virtually, choose the Virtual Series option. If you are teaching both in person and virtually, or in a socially distanced in person model, choose the Hybrid & Socially Distanced Series. For both Series, the focus is on modeling the techniques so that you will leave with new ideas each time. Participating in the Series gets you consistently connected to teachers from across the country who are in similar situations, as you share out successes and solutions that have been discovered. All the themes were suggested by teachers and have been designed to meet your needs right where you are. We’re excited to journey through this together!


Session 1: Creating Connections through Community Building, SEL, and Play- August 11

  • We kick off our Series by modeling how to build community, while focusing on the essential element of Social and Emotional Learning, and the need for play. Emergency teaching can now shift to intentional teaching, and this session will offer specific activities and strategies to build relationships and work on the healing that needs to happen from these current times. The power of positivity and play is necessary to foster a space where students feel connected and valued.

Session 2: Setting Students up for Success in Virtual, Hybrid or Socially Distant Learning – August 25

  • The second session in our Series offers a collaborative space to discuss and share how to set up the school year virtually or in a hybrid and socially distant scenario. We will share suggestions on the best software and tips for technology for virtual or hybrid, tips on how to use the space effectively for socially distanced environments, as well as how to set students up for success from the beginning. This session will include tips for effective parent and student communication and share strategies to set up respectful and meaningful norms and expectations.

Session 3: Meeting Students Where They Are & Goal Setting in the Virtual, Hybrid or Socially Distant Learning Environment- September 8

  • Virtual learning has brought about some new challenges in regards to language learning. However, this is a wonderful opportunity to be able to focus on proficiency and what students CAN do. In this third session in the Series we will be reviewing the ACTFL levels and sharing out effective methods of setting up the knowledge and expectations with students in the virtual, hybrid or socially distance learning space. A key element to student success and student-directed learning is having students in charge of their own goal setting. We will explore what this looks like and how to frame the conversation with students.

Session 4: Games & Activities for the Virtual Learning or Hybrid & Socially Distanced Classroom- September 22

  • An essential element to having a successful, highly engaging learning space is fun! In order to keep students connected, building relationships, and strengthening community, students must laugh and move together. Each strand will model ideas for either the virtual space, or the socially distant classroom. This fourth session in the Series is chock full of games, activities and movement ideas. Don’t miss out on this exciting, fun time together!

Session 5: High Engagement TL Use Strategies for the Virtual Learning or Hybrid & Socially Distanced-Classroom -October 6

Are you wondering how to maintain target language use in the virtual or socially distant learning space?! This fifth session in the Series will lead you through a brief demo and breakdown of what it looks like to joyfully and meaningfully maintain target language with your students, regardless of where you are. Come see for yourself the possibilities!

What’s Included

The OWL Online PD Series:

  • All online materials: recordings of webinars, printable resources pages, collaborative documents.
  • Access to Live Webinars with inspiring and informative facilitators.
  • A collaborative community with teachers from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the live webinars? 

Check your time zone for the appropriate time!

  • Pacific – 4:00PM
  • Mountain- 5:00PM
  • Central- 6:00PM
  • East Coast-7:00PM

How do I participate in the Online Series?

OWL uses Zoom to facilitate live webinars. For maximum success, check to make sure your microphone, camera, and volume are working on your computer. 

Questions on how Zoom works?  Call us at (857)-293-1706, or email at

If I cannot attend a live session, will I be able to experience the Series?

Yes! All live webinars will be recorded for your perusal when is convenient for you.

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Online Hybrid & Socially Distanced Series - Save 3% Pay by Check or Purchase Order $160.00 (USD)  

  • September 22, 2020
    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • October 6, 2020
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Live Webinars:
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Community-based engagement:
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