October Proficiency & Virtual Engagement 1 Day Training

Are you wondering how to create an engaging, proficiency-based virtual environment? Join this powerful one-day training where you will experience the techniques to effectively build community, stay in the target language and provide structure that still allows students to guide the learning. You will be part of a group platform that allows participants to engage in collaboration both during and outside of session times. Come see how to connect with your students and feel confident in the language acquisition journey. 

Workshop outcomes:

  • Methods for creating a positive virtual community
  • Techniques for high student engagement
  • Exploration of the 100% second language environment 
  • Strategies for eliciting student production

What’s Included

The OWL Virtual Symposium includes:

  • All online materials: videos, webinars, printable content and strategies.
  • Access to four Live Webinars with inspiring and informative facilitators



All sessions are an hour

8amPST/9amMST/10amCST/11amEST – Community Building and Introduction to OWL Values: Modeling How to Establish Virtual Community

9:30amPST/10:30amMST/11:30pmCST/12:30pmEST – Proficiency Foundation for Virtual Learning

11:30pmPST/12:30pmMST/1:30pmCST/2:30pmEST – Virtual Engagement Strategies: Experience OWL Circles Online at Novice / Upper Novice to Low Intermediate / Mid Intermediate to Advanced Levels

1pmPST/2pmMST/3pmCST/4pmEST – Classroom Application


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need social media accounts to participate?

No! We’re using a community based platform that allows you to engage with fellow participants without the distraction of a feed.

If I live internationally, can I participate?

Yes! Webinars will be recorded for your perusal if you cannot make it due to the hours. With questions, reach out to info@organicworldlanguage.com.

If I cannot attend a live session, will I be able to experience the Symposium?

Yes! All live webinars will be recorded for your perusal when is convenient for you.

  • October 17, 2020
    8:00 AM - 3:00 PM



Live Webinars:
OWL hosts live webinars daily using Zoom as our platform. Zoom can be accessed on a computer or mobile app so you may access wherever you may be!

A welcome email with a Zoom link for your specific event will be sent to you within 24 hours of the live event.

Can’t make a live webinar? OWL will be recording all sessions, and will be available 24 hours post session on the Mighty Network.

Questions on Zoom? Connect with us at (541) 690-8038‬ for additional help!


Community-based engagement:
OWL uses private, social community called Mighty Networks for between series collaboration. This network works both on a computer and via mobile app.

A welcome email with a link to OWL’s private, social will be sent to you within 24 hours of the live event.

Questions on how to set up? Connect with us at (857)-293-1706 for additional help!